Founder's Message

Gallery N Nijananda Swamy

Our vision

Each student who is focused on incredibleness in its numerous structures will investigate the open doors offered here and build up his gifts minus all potential limitations for the more noteworthy administration of the world. We focus on the act of molding future pioneers with each student.

Our Mission

JK PU College aims to bring up young personalities through comprehensive advancement, to broaden the worldwide point of view, social understanding and basic intuition by presenting them to a worldwide institution framework. We want to transform them into receptive, intelligent and long lasting learners equipped for taking care of the issues with certainty and methodology them as open doors for development.
About Us

JK PU College endeavors in bringing up differing, skilled students who challenge each other to show justice to their own skills and still stay as one family. The ethos and the core foundation of this prestigious institute stands for the improvement of self-awareness. Welcome to this focal point of learning. Started by the visionary N Nijananda Swamy, the forward center of our institute remains on a convention of "Fabulousness and Service" - we have a rich history of innovativeness, respectability, and achievement. The JK PU College is focused on having a genuine effect on human wellbeing, personal satisfaction, and a superior comprehension of our physical world.

JK PU College recognizes scholarly capability and self-awareness as the driving yearnings of all encompassing advancement. We help the acknowledgment of the same by accentuating meticulousness in the quest for scholastic splendor and objectives.The ethos of the college lends its vocal strongly for the improvement of self-awareness. A strong student and faculty setup at JK PU allows for a perfect setting in developing interpersonal and societal aptitudes.

JK PU College perceives scholarly skill, self-awareness and technological advancement as the key components of all encompassing advancement. With this point of view, we underline on the careful methodology for achieving scholarly brightness and objectives. JK PU College Residential treats character arrangement, regard building, and profound advancement as basic to individual abilities and lays due accentuation on honing the same.

JK PU College imagines to form pioneers who are mentally capable, profoundly develop, ethically upright, morally coordinated, physically sound, stylishly acquainted and socially satisfactory and subsequently engaged to champion the reason for equity, affection, truth and peace and are ever open to further development.


J.K. Pre-University is a co-educational Institution recognized by the Pre-University Education Department and approved by the Government of Karnataka. We were established in 2013 and is managed by Jalakanteshwara Educational Trust. Presently we offer Pre-University Courses in Science & Commerce. Jalakanteshwara Educational Trust is a registered trust with an advisory body comprising of Educationalists and eminent persons of repute from various walks of life. The college aims at holistic development of students so that they enter the World arena as conscientious and worthy citizens. The students of J.K. Pre-University college not only learns the intricacies of the subjects but also trained in interpersonal & societal skills. The college also works towards promoting natiional integration and religious harmony.

‘Education is the movement from darkness to light’.

Image Dr.T.S. Narasimha Prasad
It is a proud privilege to be a part of JK PU College from the time of its inception till date. Being the principal of this institution my aim is to provide the students with excellence in education, making it affordable to all strata of society.

J.K College, though relatively a new venture has curved a niche for itself among all the PU College in Bangalore .The unique feature of this institute has been the individual attention to the students .The whole institute functions like a family with care and concern for its each and every member.

Our college is relentless in its mission to provide with quality education and to make the students’ future ready to face the challenges of life .Its highly qualified and dedicated faculty make learning a delightful experience. The expansive college labs are fully functional and give a huge opportunity to explore and expand the students’ horizon in quest for knowledge.

In addition to giving a rock solid academic foundation, the college aims at overall development of its students who are going to be responsible citizens of the nation.

I hope your support will take us from strength to strength .It is your encouragement that we count on most in our service to society since ‘the foundation of every state is the education of its youth’.

From the chairman’s desk

Image K.N Suma
What sculpture is to block of marbles, education is to the human soul. Greetings. I welcome you to J K PU college .As chairman of this group , I always strove to provide quality education by equipping our students with skills and confidence with an all round development .It is our deepest desire to serve the society by moulding the young minds into confident and responsible individuals.

The call of the time is progress not merely move ahead .our institute encourages creativity and innovation thus inspiring them to soak in spirit of learning.

With sheer dedication and commitment of all the members of the institute ,we are in the continuous process of evolving for better tomorrow .

I welcome your encouragement in this endeavour with the relief that –“intelligence plus character that is the goal for true education”.